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Fetish Clothing

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Fetish clothing can take a number of forms and it really depends on how adventurous you are.  Chastity belts, penis rings, whips, paddles and latex wear are just some of the things you can use to spice up your sex life.  Your level of experience will also determine which types of fetish clothing you buy. Novices usually start with “softer” clothing.  For example, they may use leather chastity belts rather than metal ones.  Some equipment such as penis rings and anal toys can be dangerous if they are not used correctly.  Care should be taken to read the instructions.  Any item which is placed inside the body or comes into contact with body fluids should be washed thoroughly before being used by a second person to prevent infections.

Using fetish clothing can add a whole new dimension to your sex life.  If activity in the bedroom department has gone a bit flat, you can purchase fetish clothing at very reasonable rates from the internet.  All parties should be comfortable with using the gear and have a chance to familiarise themselves with what they are letting themselves in for.  You might find that your partner has long had a yearning to be restrained while you carry out some less than conventional acts.  You can get advice from fetish clothing suppliers as to what gear you need to get started.  If bdsm is completely new to you, you may need a little help at first.  There are books you can buy and forums you can join to get some ideas.  If you want to give sex toys a try and have no idea where to start, these sources of information are invaluable.  If all goes well, before long you will be enjoying the full range of fetish clothing.

If the subservient partner is to be restrained, it is very important that lines of communication are kept open with a signal system set up.  Signals for “stop”, “more” and “OK” are the bare minimum so there are no misunderstandings.  Partners should respect each others’ wishes whenever fetish clothing is introduced.  Sometimes one partner may not be in the mood.  The dominant partner should not try to force the subservient partner to take part against their wishes.

There are many web sites offering fetish clothing and you should do your research and take care only to deal with bona fide organisations.   You need to be certain that the gear is at the very least clean, especially with penis rings, vibrators and other items which come into contact with bodily fluids.  Some organisations have strict returns policies and you may find that these types of items are non returnable.  Make sure that the fetish clothing is of good quality in particular that there are no sharp edges on metal equipment. Chastity belt locks should have the proper keys and you should check that the locks work before using the gear in earnest.

Have fun with your new found fetish clothing – it can give a whole new approach to sex!

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