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Get Her Under Lock and Key

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If you are starting out on new sexual adventures, there is a lot of female chastity equipment available on the market.   Do some research on the internet and you will find all kinds of fun toys to play with.  There are forums for like minded people and if you need any help with your female chastity gear, there is lots of advice to help you get the best experiences.

As with other bdsm gear, using female chastity equipment must be done with sensitivity.  Generally speaking the woman is the submissive party.  Her wishes must be respected at all times. There may be more than two people involved in the games and it is essential for good communication to make sure there are no mishaps. Nothing should be done without the party’s consent.  Nipple toys, female chastity belts made out of leather or metal and collars are just a few of the items you might want to consider buying to help spice up the session. 

Some more advanced sexual activities can get very adventurous and daring.  If you are using a female chastity belt which has a lock with a key, you should make sure that you do not lose the key in all the excitement!

There is a wide range of female chastity belts for your titillation.  Some are simple locking mechanisms with nature relieving facilities and others have vaginal plugs and anal plugs for maximum stimulation.    The belts can be used in conjunction with other types of equipment such as gags, hoods and masks.  Whips and paddles can make up the complete ensemble.

Using any kind of restraints or bdsm equipment is a stimulating experience. You might want to explore other methods of titillation and fun.  If you use any parts of the female chastity belt which come into contact with bodily fluids, they should be washed thoroughly and sterilised to avoid infection.  Creams and lotions are available to help smooth things along and give a very sensual feeling.

When purchasing sex toys over the internet make sure you check the returns policy and any disclaimers.  Most organisations will not give any warranty as to the safety of the gear.  Safety and how you use the equipment will be at your own discretion and common sense.  There are fewer risks with more flexible leather female chastity belts than with metal ones.  Whatever the product is made of, you should always make sure that the equipment is not so tight as to restrict circulation or pinch.  It should be comfortable to wear so that the sessions can be longer and perhaps more fulfilling. 

Whether you are an advanced player or a complete novice, you will be able to find sex toys to suit you.  Some people just start with creams and lotions.  Everything will depend on how adventurous you are – and finding a partner willing to take part.  The adrenalin rush of using bondage restraints can be overwhelming, leaving you satisfied at the end of a session and wanting to go further next time!

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