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Maintaining An Erection

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Fetish equipment used for spicing up your sex life can take several forms. Penis rings, chastity belts, anal toys and bondage restraints are just some of the fun things you can use to get the best out of your sex sessions.  Penis rings are used to maintain an erection for longer by slowing down the flow of blood to the erect organ.  They are normally placed at the base of the penis and can also be worn around the scrotum.  Penis rings can be used in cases of erectile dysfunction to cause an erection by using a purpose built vacuum pump.  When used for this purpose, they are known as “erection rings” or “tension rings”.

Rings can be made of a variety of materials including leather, silicone and rubber.  Metal, nylon and even plastic are also used.  Penis rings should not pinch the penis or cause pain.  The user may like the sensation of maintaining an erect penis and want to prolong the feeling by using artificial aids.  As with all fetish equipment, penis rings must be used with care.  If the member starts feeling numb or goes pale, the equipment must be removed at once.  Suppliers recommend that a penis ring is not worn for longer than 30 minutes at a time and never in conjunction with drugs when sensations can be dangerously heightened.   It is also recommended that you do not fall asleep with the ring in place.

If the penis ring is made of stretchy material, simply slide it over the member.  Rings made of rigid materials usually include the scrotum and this should be slid into the ring first.  The latest models can be released quickly and easily by a special mechanism.   The vendors recommend that such equipment is not used by people who have heart conditions or taking blood thinning agents.   The rings are best used with a lubricant so that they can be slid off easily without becoming trapped in pubic hair which can be very painful.   They should not be applied so tight as to affect the blood supply.

Penis rings with clitoris stimulators and anal area are also available, as are vibrating rings which can stimulate the testicles.  Specialist underwear with cock rings already fitted is the ultimate in stimulation and titillation. 

When you use a penis ring for the first time, you may want to use a simple version of the equipment.  This will enable you to become familiar with the feeling it produces.   Medical emergencies which can even result in amputation of the member if penis rings and associated accessories are not used with care.  If you are at all uncomfortable with the equipment at any stage during the session, you should stop and remove it immediately.  The whole point of the exercise is enjoyment, not pain.  The penis ring should be meticulously cleaned after every session so that there is less chance of infection. You should not share your penis ring – even with your best friend!

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