Steel Breast Clamp / Humbler Bar


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Using your hands to squeeze your partner‘s breasts, can be enjoyable. However, the Rack Compactor adds a new dimension by using stainless steel crossbars to effectively squeeze and compress the breasts for as long as you desire.

Simply place the breasts between the crossbars and use the screws to tighten the bars against the breasts. This leaves your hands free to squeeze and handle other places on the body, as you desire.

Men, you can feel the pressure of the Compactor, as well. This can be doubled as a male humbler. Simply bend your male partner over and place the Compactor behind him. Close down the crossbars until they hold his scrotum in place.

The Compactor allows for play that both partners can enjoy.

The Rack Compactor Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Crossbars are 310mm long,  Adjustment Screws are 190mm long each
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Use the crossbars to compress the breasts
  • Can be doubled as a humbler for men, applying pressure to the balls
  • Note: Users of the Rack Compactor will need to exercise a bit of patience as it may take a while to get the crossbars into the proper desired position, against the breasts.
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