Ben Wa Smart Kegel Balls Vaginal Pelvic Floor Exerciser


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A new and improved version of the age-old Ben-Wa Balls, this toy exercises your Kegel muscles while stimulating you at the same time!

Beads work your Kegel muscles for a tighter feel and stronger orgasms
Movement-based vibe subtly stimulates you all day long
Discreet & quiet with no buzzing sound to give you away! 

Hygienic retrieval Strap for easy, safe removal
Made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic

Dozens of normal activities from heavy lifting to childbirth can weaken your vaginal muscles and cause them to lose their elasticity ? leading to decreased sexual sensation and even incontinence when you get older. Luckily, regular Kegel exercises can reverse this damage, increasing your vaginal muscle control and boosting your sexual confidence and personal wellbeing. Plus, stronger Kegel muscles are the key to enhanced erotic sensations and stronger orgasms!

The beads strengthen your Kegel muscles in two different ways. First, they subtly vibrate with your movement, stimulating the Kegel muscles and building them up with every step you take. Second, the beads automatically cause your vagina to clench when you stand up as your Kegel muscles fight gravity to keep the beads in place.

The weight doesn’t sound like much, until you actually try walking with the beads in place and then it will feel like you just spent the afternoon in the gym! Since the beads vibrate in harmony with your body, the beads give off stronger vibes with physical activities like jogging, swimming or aerobics ? 

The balls come with a retrieval Strap so you can remove them easily and safely after use.

This sex toy is extremely durable material prized by health-wary  toy users for being hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

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