CBT Electro-Sex Machine OX-Balls , Clear


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This CBT electro-sex unit will envelop your balls and with the controllable e-stim box, you can deliver the perfect charge to keep you in a state of shock. 
With its controllable power and rhythm, you’re sure to find the perfect setting.
Remove the electrodes and you can use it as a sack sling!
Switch between SLOW or FAST to control the frequency of the shock or adjust the dial to control the strength of the shock.
Product Specifications
  • Battery Type: AAAX2 (1.5V) Do not include battery.
  • Voltage: DC 3V
  • Pulse Output Power: MAX 100 V/20mA
  • Pulse Frequency: 2-100Hz
  • Pulse Mode: 10 Modes of strength
  • 5 Kinds of Rhythm


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