Deluxe Erection Maker Ball Stretcher with Divider


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For those who want to push the boundaries of CBT, we brings you this exceptional black leather cock and ball torture device. Squeeze the balls and put pressure on the testicles with the 2 part Deluxe Erection Maker, made of our original 3 speed cock ring combined with 60 mm Leather Ball Stretcher with Separator Strap. A bondage staple, the cock ring is worn behind the balls and up and over the cock. Adjustable with 8 metal snaps, it is designed to make your cock larger and harder. This clever little device fits tightly around the scrotum, pushing the balls down for some exquisitely pleasurable pain.Our adjustable snaps allow for a perfect fit around and between the balls. The splitter strap is securely riveted to the stretcher. The snap closures on the side allow for 3 different levels of tightness for the best fit.

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