Drool Plug Sensory Deprivation Hood , Black


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Would You Love To Be Able To Restrict Your Subs Senses?

These Thick Padded Hoods Will Make Their Senses Of Sight

And Sound All But Go. They Will Be Left Wondering Where The

Next Touch Or Stimulation Is Coming From As They Will Have

No Idea. Great Fun For The Wearer And The Dom. Use The Removable

Plug To Allow Them Intermittent Speech Or To Pop An Object Through The

Hole To Further Torment Them.

These great fetish hoods have 3 thick lockable  straps that tighten across the hood:

1. One strap wraps across the eyes.

2. The second strap wraps from the top of the back of the head to underneath the

3. The third strap wraps around the neck and acts as a collar.

4. the drool plug has a short internal funnel and an internal diameter of 35mm.

This Comes With 3 FREE Padlocks!!!

One size fits most.

The material is a faux leather PU material, perfect for true fetishists!


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