Electrosex Chastity Device Electrode Ball


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Electric Shock!!! Creates a whole new level of electrical stimulation for the sexually adventurous couple!!!

The jailweb is only 2.6 ” tall, and with a 1.4 ” hole!!!

This stainless steel jailweb allows great air flow and easy cleaning of your cock and balls…especially good if you are going to be locked up in this for a few weeks or longer.

You can ‘see‘ your cock and balls thru the jailweb, but they are not wide enough to get your full fingers thru. The back side of all our Seed Pods features a 1.4 ” hole to put your cock thru for getting the pod on. Once on and locked you can‘t pull out and you are trapped. The cuff locks around the cock, is very adjustable, and presents few hygienic challenges.

Small enough to be worn under your street clothes without being noticed. These Seed Pods are one of the few really functional long term Chastity Devices that really work and are comfortable enough to wear for very long periods.

Weight 0.50000000 kg
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