Female straitjacket Restraint, Black


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You know that you can drive your partner crazy with passion, yet when you see their desire going over the edge keep them under control with this Straitjacket.

Strap your partner in good and tight and then enjoy having your way with them. The jacket uses a series of belt style straps to lock your partner in. There is 1 strap at the neck, 3 down the back and 2 straps for wrapping around the thighs. There are three D rings (1 at the neck and 1 on each sleeve) to allow for more bondage positions. There are two straps on the sides of the jacket so that you can easily manipulate and control their position. The center strap down the front of the jacket let‘s you really tighten up their arms so they are completely in your control and at your disposal.

These Fit Up To A UK Size 12.

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