New Design Male Chastity Device With Hidden Lock


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This New Style Chastity Device Offers Incredible Security. Boasting A New

Style Hidden Lock, It’s tamper Proof And Makes Wering It Under Clothes A

Pleasure As The Lock Can’t Catch On Clothing Like On Conventional Style

Padlocks. This Male Chastity Belt looks Incredible And Is Comfortable To Wear

And It’s Reasuring To Know Your Well Locked Up.

Material: Stainless Steel 

Weight: about 13oz (370g) 


Cage size:  

Length of the inside cage is about 2.28‘‘(58mm), length  of outside cage is about


Diameter of the cage is about 1.11‘‘(28mm). 

Back ring Diameter is 45mm

Diameter about  2.52‘‘/2.64‘‘ (64mm/67mm) 

The distance between the cage and the ring is about 4MM/8MM.

Weight 0.50000000 kg
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