Model-T Chastity Belt With Adjustable Anal Plug


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This Hole Cage Chastity Device is excellent for long term use by most men. Its hand made and professionally finished to ensure he has no access to his private parts. You will enjoy watching the frustration in his face as he can‘t not touch any area of his genitals. When secured in the device his penis is forced between his legs with the L-shaped hole cage cover preventing him from getting a full erection. No pain should be felt just slight discomfort as the flow of blood to his penis tries to create a major hard on. This chastity belt can be worn 24/7. The ass strap has a hole for defecation.


Your slave will be brimming with excitement in having his genitals locked at your mercy for release. The metal is nicely polished for an amazing look. This Chastity belt is wild-wide adjustable.


Waist is adjustable between 65 – 110 cm.

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