Short Cage Black Silicone Chastity With Adjustable Back Ring


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With It’s unique Design And Structure, This Chastity Is Perfect For Long term Use And Keeping

You Under Control And Regulated.

Made of surgical silicone, it possesses a unique and very comfortable closing mechanism that perfectly keeps the birdie in its cage,

yet remains invisible under your clothes. It comes with its own strap and closing rivet, a high-grade, rustproof padlock, and 2 keys.


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The device comprises a sleeve ring length of 3.7 inches (95mm) loop length of about 1.18 inches (30mm) sleeve length: 2.53 inches (65mm) diameter: 1.30 inches (33mm) quantity vent: 7 maximum thickness: 0.15 inches (4mm) ring diameter: 45 mm, weight 110g.

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