Silicone Chastity Device, The H trainer


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Product Specifications



    • Inner Diameter Cage: 3.5cm (1.4 inches)


    • Rings: 4.2cm (1.65 inches), 4.4cm (1.75 inches), 4.7cm (1.85 inches)







    • three rings


    • cage


    • two keys and a padlock


    • 10 Plastic CB-LOCKS


Comes with three different sized cock rings
Ergonomically shaped for discrete and comfortable wear
Comes with padlock and two keys
Keeps your penis submissively pointed downward
Put your cock on lockdown and let your Keyholder decide how long your sentence will be. The tube keeps your penis submissively pointing downward making the Locking Chastity Device much easier to keep discrete under your trousers. The three different sized cock rings are specially designed to match your body’s natural curves for a secure yet comfortable fit.

At the head you’ll find a central opening designed to allow for urination while the five holes around the top allow proper airflow and hygiene. 


Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates. 



Washing Instructions 



    • Wash with warm soapy water.














  • Silicone
Weight 0.00000000 kg


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