Butt Plugs – Exploring Hidden Depths

If there is any area of sexual satisfaction that has become mainstream over the last few years it’s anal play. Seeking pleasure from the anal area has long been the preserve of the gay community, but it is now also considered to be an area of fun in any healthy sexual relationship. But these versatile toys can do much more than just stimulate a butt, and can be equally effective at applying the right pressure in a vagina too, making them doubly pleasurable.

Medically, the anal area is alive with nerve endings, being the inferior anal nerves, inferior hemorrhoidal nerves which form a tight, sensual know around the rectum.  These connect with other major nerves areas to create a highly sensitive and sensual area that response to applied stimulation. And there are plenty of toys that are designed specifically for that kind of stimulation.

Butt plugs are normally associated with massaging of the male prostate and as sex toys for men, but the sheer mass of nerve ending in both male and female rectums means that they are nicely effective for everyone to use.  And as already mentioned, the pressure that a butt plug can apply a very pleasurable feeling to the back of the vagina, so perhaps the name is a bit of a misnomer.  What were originally sex toys for men now reach a far greater audience.

So, butt plug is the name for a pretty versatile toy that can bring a lot of joy to any relationship.  The name arises from its humble beginnings which saw this kind of toy literally as a stopper for your butt and notable sex toys for men.  The shape of the plug was pretty standard in the early years, being a soft rubber long teardrop shaped body with a much narrower neck that connected it to a wide flange. The idea was that, when inserted, it would fill the area of the rectal ampulla and into the main space of the rectum.  The thin neck section would locate in the anal sphincter, holding the toy in place.  The large end-flange prevented the toy form being fully inserted and potential lost to anyone but a proctologist or surgeon.

The idea behind early butt plugs was that they were an enjoyable BDSM toy to fill the butt and give control in a master/mistress and slave scenario. However, as we become more relaxed in our sexual outlook, the sensuous element of butt plugs has become apparent to many more, and their use celebrated.  If fact, they have become so accepted that the market is now awash with variation on the traditional design, with both men and women in mind.

Basic Butt Plugs and Their Variants.

As already touched on, the basic butt plug is quite literally that; a firm rubber plug that is designed to fit into the lower end of the rectum and remain in place by clamping of the anal sphincter.  In the old days they were traditionally black, of a regular size, and fairly rudimentary in design.  They didn’t have to be anything special because they fulfilled a BDSM purpose of control, while offering a pleasant sensation.  Why would anyone need anything else?

People generally didn’t need more, but needing and wanting are different things, and as more people – women too – experimented with them, designers took heed, and started to create a range of toys that took the basic design and improved upon it.  Now, we have a toy for every occasion, and pleasure is at the forefront of their intention.  Let’s have a look at some of the main types of plug.

Classic Plugs. The basic butt plug is a standard shape, usually between three and six inches in active length (ignoring the sphincter neck and retaining flange), regular-shaped around the circumference, smooth, a little bendy, and generally black. They do the job that they are supposed to do, but little else.  You can get beginner butt plugs which have an easy-access ring moulded into the back so that they are easier to remove, and more of a taper on the insert for easy-entry.

With the ‘classic’ style out of the way, things start to get very interesting in the anal department, with many different variations of the standard, and some eye-watering sizes available.

There is also now a huge market in steel plugs, which add a good deal of extra weight the product and make the sensations of a filled butt even more intense.  Constructed from the highest quality stainless-steel, these are smooth, weighty, and have an initial coldness that introduces a whole new sensation compared to the silicone rubber variety.  Your collection isn’t complete unless you have at least one steel butt plug.

Fun Plugs. If you are looking for a fun and/or a bit of cosplay, there is a growing array of butt plugs that have stylised animal tails fitted to the outside face.  The idea being that, once they are inserted, the tail feature is held in place outside the body, looking like the person is the animal depicted by the tail. Foxes, horses, pigs, dogs; they are all available. Great for pony girls and boys, or if you are feeling a little foxy.

In a similar vein, if you want your partner (or yourself even) to have a bit of a bejazzled butt, there is a large range of plugs with a large faux crystal in the rear to add some glitter to the proceedings.  Butt plugs of this nature usually veer away from the standard rubber of the body and, while they have the same shape and form, they tend to be either steel, metallic-covered plastic or even glass.

Glass?  In the butt?  Really? Yep, you heard us.  Glass is frequently used for butt plugs, though it is a toughened and technically superior brand from that in your windows and completely solid, so there is no chance of them fracturing or shattering when in place. They are very smooth and with a little lub, slip in just fine.  Glass, as a butt plug is both exciting and a good crossover between silicone and stainless steel.

Expanding Plugs. A major part of the fun of butt plugs is the euphoria of pressure on the inside of the anus and delicious compression of all those nerve endings, so if you can increase that pressure, the sensations will rise with them.  Expanding butt plugs are designed specially to take care of the sensations by filling your rectum cavity beyond the normal call of duty.  They do this in a couple of ways.

Expanding plugs.  Sometimes called flared plugs or anchor plugs, these are markedly different from the standard form by having a number of thick, soft silicone rubber fingers that flare out from the central stalk.  The fingers are squeezed together during insertion, and are then free to spring apart inside the body, rubbing against the insides of the rectum walls. If that’s not enough fun, you can gently rotate them for more effect.

When it comes to effectiveness in this range of plugs, the steel asslock deluxe expanding locking anal plug is an absolute must-have.  These hefty, well-engineered products consist of a stainless-steel body with sprung leaves that can open under the application of a ball-ended screw that pushes the leaves out.  The screw is operated from the outside of the body, allowing it to be fitted, and then set at the required expansion.  Once there, it can be locked off with a small padlock and left in position.

Inflatable plugs. Like sturdy balloons, inflatable plugs are hollow silicone rubber affairs that start small and can be slipped in through the anal sphincter and fitted in position. Air is introduced via a simple rubber squeeze bulb, attached to the expanding plug via a short rubber tube with a valve.  The plug can be pumped up to quite extraordinary sizes, so have fun. Once you are done with the fun, you can open the valve to release the pressure, though some advocate just pulling the rubber balloon out, depending upon its size.  Careful there!

Using an inflatable plug can give you some really intense stretching feelings and make you feel fuller than any other kind of plug. As they inflate, the plug wall will gently press against your nerves, and match the shape of your body which fills you up in every area. If you really want to make the most of the sensations, an expanding or inflatable butt plug may be the best for you.

Vibrating Plugs.  Of course, they have to be there, don’t they? Butt plugs that vibrate are becoming increasingly popular and there are all sorts to choose from. There is some pretty standard fair, being normal sized and with multispeed vibrations, which can add an additional excitement, but designers have become really innovative in these products.

Vibrating toys of all sorts have been around for years and are nothing new, but battery life normally doesn’t matter because they are not used for extended periods of time.  Butt plugs, however, can be potentially worn all day, because they are unlikely to fall out. So, designers have been innovative and made them with low power motors and USB connections, so they can be charged with a USB battery pack, effectively making them able to run all day long, and possibly even longer.  Try that on the daily commute, in the office, or through a long Zoom or skype call.

Technology has made Wi-Fi part of the solution too, with a range of plugs and toys that can be driven and controlled both over the internet and via a phone app.  You no longer have to be in the room – or even in the same country – to give your partner or slave a good round of sensations either for punishment or pleasure. The internet has transformed sex toys for couples.

Plugs from Off the Beaten Track.

Human ingenuity, it seems, knows no bounds, and like many products, butt plugs have become increasingly innovative in both their form and function.   Products that go way beyond the classic plug are easily available, and there is literally something for everyone and situation, like;

Hollow butt plugs.  These have a similar outer form to normal, solid butt plugs, but are hollow up the center to allow the insertion of, well, anything you want to really. Be it a vibrator, a set of flexible anal beads, A steel bubble bar, or even vibrating flexible anal beads, you can get them in place with a hollow plug.  The steel butt plug with integral fluid release pin is a product along the same lines, as standard hollow plugs, but can has a screw-in sealing plug.  The butt plug can be left in place for long periods of time and the screw opening can be removed to allow fluid like enema’s in, and fluids out too. This has to be the ultimate in control.

Combination plugs. There are a huge variety of combination plugs that also serve as restrictive cock and ball rings, giving pleasure in both areas at once. Perfect for anal play, combination plugs are usually prostate massagers with silicone extensions that reach underneath and with a sturdy cock ring to give you incredible sensation, just where you want them.

Wideboy.  As their name implies these are bigger than the average plug but not inflatable so they are best left to the seasoned aficionado as they may take some getting in, but once there, they give maximum satisfaction. These can also come with additions like extra ridged surfaces, vibrating units and with integral cock and ball rings too.

Rosebud. More of a glittering accessory than a full-blown sex toy, rosebuds are generally quite small – hence their name – and fitted with a large diamante stone to become a statement rather than serious plug, but they still deliver that cacophony of sensation.  This is a plug to wear if you want to look stylish.

And it doesn’t end with these.  There are many other different types of plug and anal toy that are designed to stimulate while being functional dominant equipment. You get the best of both worlds with these stunning products.

Using Butt Plugs: A Guide to What’s Good and What’s Not.

Butt plugs are good for both men and women in any relationship, but they do need some attention in both fitting and removing. If you’re a novice they do need approaching with a good deal of care, and in these times of COVID-19, we all want to stay away from the A&E department.

There are two emphatic rules when starting out with butt plugs: start small and make sure that you lube well. The temptation to go large quickly is always there, because big means greater pleasure, right?  That isn’t actually the case and different people react in different ways to the application of a filled pressure to the rectum or vagina. For many people, small is always good and they never go beyond a regular-sized butt plug, because it is sufficient for them and they achieve the satisfaction that they want.  If that is the case, why go larger?

Of course, there are more options than just larger plugs, and you can explore the other means of satisfaction beyond simple size.  Plugs like the slender variety are easy to insert, generally comfortable but still apply sufficient pressure to the rectum walls to make the effective, and they are a good starting point for any acolyte.

Any form of anal sex has to be done gently and with common sense, and butt plug play is no different. Plainly, unlike a vagina, the anal area isn’t self-lubricating so to get even the smallest toy in you need to supply that lubrication. The same rules apply as prostate massaging; you need to pick your lubricant to match your device and your intentions.  If you are simply getting something through the sphincter, but then leaving it in place, then almost any lubricant type will suffice, but if you are going to work a device, you need to pay proper attention to what you are using.

If you are using any kind of toy on different subjects or partners, it is always best to fit it into a condom for the sake of hygiene, but that can present a problem. Generally, oil-based lubes, including options such as coconut oil, slowly break down latex, but water and silicone-based lubricants do not, so are safe to use with condoms.  If you have multiple subjects for your administrations, and regularly use condoms on them, think about what lubricants you use.

Silicone lubricants are great for anal play because they are quite thick and gloopy, and tend to last longer than water-based varieties, but silicone lubrication is also renowned for breaking down the surface silicone of your plug, potentially ruining it. If you’re using a silicone toy, grab a water-based lube. Glass or stainless-steel butt plugs work wonderfully with any lubricant.

Once fitted, the toy is either just held in place, vibrates, or can be manipulated to increase pleasure, but eventually there comes a time when its time to put the toys back in the box for another day, and this is the next point at which care must be taken.  Removing a butt plug should be fairly straightforward; the plug should be well lubricated when inserted and much of that lube will still be around, but it is always worth applying more of your chosen lube when retrieving it.

You should never snatch a butt plug out and your partner should be fully relaxed to aid the process.  The rounded shape of the shoulder on plugs is conducive to removing it but even with this and lube, it can still be quite challenging as plugs grow in size, so be careful and keep an eye on what is happening while you do it.

And cleanliness is king too.  Once you have finished playing with your toys, make sure that they are really clean by washing them in warm water and soap and rinsing thoroughly in clean water.  If you have a silicone rubber, stainless steel, or glass butt plug without any electronic parts, you can place them in your dish washer for a really deep clean or even, in the case of stainless steel and glass versions, boil them in a saucepan.

Anal sex toys are now a mainstream thing, and there are plenty of different forms to choose from. Whether you are using them in the dominant role, or just as part of an everyday sex life, they can add a dimension that will want you experimenting more.

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