Urethral Sounding: Plumbing the Depths

On the face of it, sounding – or urethral sounding, to give it is full moniker – isn’t a very sexy term, and distinctly fails to conjure up notions of intense and deeply felt sensations that it actually produces.   However, the name is the dull thing about for a fast-growing practise that promises to liberate and help you experience some of the most intense sexual feelings around, and it’s very easy to do too!

Sounding is the act of inserting a specially-designed object such as a penis plug into your urethra and access your prostate directly.  It is something that can be practised by women too, but has less of a stimulating sensation as they do not have the prostate gland to rub against, and the urethral tract is much shorter in women.

What is Sounding?  And Where Did it Come From??

Strictly, sounding falls under the umbrella of medical play and has a strong BDSM element, particularly if it is carried out by your partner – or anyone else who’s willing to give you a hand – which can be further heightened by using restraints.  The ‘sounds’ themselves can actually be anything that is smooth with a rounded end and sufficiently slender so that it is able to be inserted into the eye of the penis and gently pushed down to some depth.  While people have been known to use items such as knitting needles, lengths of beads, and even glass thermometers as sounds, they have a distinct risk and are certainly no better than purpose-made sounds that can be easily obtained.

Sounds are commonly available in two distinct forms; Van Burens, which have a curve section at either end, and Dittens which are straight along their entire length.  These devices have been used in medicine for many years as a means to clearing blockages, but the sexual nature of the practice has been growing for some time.

What is a Penis Plug, and Should I Get One?

A penis plug is quite literally a plug that can be inserted into the urethra and used to discover the sensations that can be experienced by such.  Penis plugs tend to be shorter than urethral sounds and can be held in place using straps or securing rings so that the sensations can continue while you go about your day. There are also versions with a glans-ring fitted so you can insert the plug and then secure it by placing the ring around the underside of the glans, making it suitable to wear all day if you like.

Despite their name, penis plugs are also suitable for women to use and will sometimes be referred to simply as urethral plugs instead but are essentially the same thing. These devices for both sexes usually have a T-bar, ring, or larger section to prevent you inserting them too far, and can be made of either silicone rubber or stainless steel.

A beginner’s penis plug is the perfect place for either a man or a woman to start with experiencing urethral play, before moving onto something larger like a tapered plug and urethral expansion.  As with any orifice, lube is essential and with the choice of either stainless steel or silicone you also have a selection of safe lubes, from water-based for the silicone to anything for the steel. And should you get one?  Of course, and why stop at one?  Why not get a penis plug for every occasion?

Cock-Stuffing 101: Going In.

Plainly, pushing something foreign into any orifice has a degree of risk associated with it, and sounding needs to be carried out under the knowledge that it does have the potential to go wrong if you go at it too aggressively or don’t take proper care.

Whether you are doing it yourself or your partner is lending a hand, the secret to urethral sounding is to start small, take is slowly, and use plenty of lube.  Urethral sounds are available not just in a variety of lengths, but also differing diameters and one of the joys associated with this practice is urethral dilation and pushing successively larger sounds in. Adepts can routinely inset fairly large diameter objects into the orifice but this takes practice and isn’t something that should be rushed, so you need to start with small-diameter implement and lots of lube.

Start by applying the lube both to the length of your sound and some to your urethral entrance.  Once well covered, place the tip of the sound against the hole and gently let it start to slide in.  Almost immediately, you will experience some odd sensations that may not seem pleasurable it first and may be slightly off-putting.  But soldier on as the sensations are going to become more intense but also more fulfilling too, so push a little harder.

Cock-Stuffing 101: Going Deeper.

Getting those first sensations is important since it slightly prepares you for what is coming next, as you start to engage with the mass of nerve ending that run the length of your urethral passage. With sounding, the action of the plug or sound works against the whole length of the urethral tract, so the deeper you go, the more intense the sensations.  This will continue right up until you reach the prostate (for men, at least, that is), which can involve a fair length of penis.  Obviously, reaching that far in is dependent on the actual length of the penal shaft, and fella’s with longer cocks are going to have to reach a lot further in than shorter members, so the mass of sensations will obviously be greater.

Now, all this reaction is going to make the task fun, but you will need to keep some semblance of your wits about you as you need to not only keep the sound lubricated, but stop it going too deep; specialist sounds have no means of preventing them going right in, and the curve in the Van Burens types could lead to them becoming lodged in your urethral tract.  Try explaining that down at A&E!

If you have got your sound to a good depth, extra sensations can be attained by small backward and forward movements on it, making it rub deliciously on the inside of your body. This will introduce you to the wonders of sounding, but it doesn’t end there; you can heighten the experience by increasing your range of toys.

Moving on From the Basics.

While it is worth spending a fair bit of time exploring your body with the basic sounding bars or penis plugs, the sensations will make you just want to move on a bit and take it to the next level.

Add Vibrations. With a growing number of vibrating sounds becoming available, you can augment the feeling of deep thrusting with vibrations.  These are typically silicone sheathed devices that can take the vibrating head directly to the depths of your cock, and that can mean some truly eye-widening sensations.  With a huge range of vibrating sounds on the market, there are variations in size, length and vibrator options, you can expect this to become one of your favourite pastimes.

 Soft Sounds.  While many urethral sounds are solid stainless steel, there are a range of soft silicone devices that are rigid enough to be inserted, but have a flexibility that allows them to follow the contours of your urethral tract.  You can generally get this kind of sound in further than their steel cousins, and without risk of any kind of injury.

Dilate, Dilate, Dilate. Once you have started to master the act of sounding, you can then investigate the possibilities of using larger diameter sounds to stretch your urethral tract for an added dimension of feeling.  With practice, you will be able to insert some sizable devices, and get that feeling of being stretched as well as stimulating the inner nerves.

Prince Albert.  If you want something a little more permanent – though a penis plug can be worn all day – there is always the classic Prince Albert piercing.  The piercing enters at the frenulum and exits at the urethra, going through the urethral meatus, and is designed to apply a constant sensation to the tip of the cock and the top of the urethral tract.  While the Prince Albert can make the tip of the penis more sensitive, it also offers a new sensation to whichever orifice it is introduced into during sex, heightening its importance.  And girls can get their own version – the Princess Albertina – which is a piercing of the female urethra, and designed to increase action at the clitoris.

Sounding is becoming increasing prevalent in normal, loving sexual relations and has the potential to open up a whole new swage of sensations for both him and her. In a power play scenario, sounding can be a highly effective means of dominating your subject, and urethral play can be used in tandem with other stimulations to create a plethora of wonderful feelings.

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